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Turkey enters the digital nomad fray


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If you’re between the ages of 21 and 55 , you hail from most EU countries, the UK, USA, or Canada, and you can work remotely, Türkiye is looking for you.

You can now stay in Turkiye as a remote worker thanks to the digital nomad visa that the country unveiled recently.

Turkey now joins a host of other countries such as Italy and Spain that have made similar steps allowing remote workers to stay and work for a foreign employer  for up to a year.

To qualify, you must provide proof that you are a university graduate, posses a valid passport, and provide a document showing that you work in the Digital Nomad field. This can be:

  • A contract, if you’re working within the company (except companies located in Türkiye)
  • The business contract between you and the company (except companies located in Türkiye) if you’re self-employed

Also required is a document proving that you have a monthly income of 3,000 USD monthly or 36,000 USD annually.

How to apply

The Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry has streamlined the process with a user-friendly website, where you can check the criteria and fill out an application form.

If your application is accepted, the process is as simple as presenting your Digital Nomad Identification Certificate to your nearest Turkish consulate or visa centre.

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