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Step-by-Step guide for Green Card winners


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So, you have checked your computer and the news is great- you have been selected for further processing in the DV Lottery Program. 

It is easy to start celebrating. But not so fast. A case number will be provided to you which will determine whether you will get a visa interview slot or not.

Winning a US DV lottery green card is one thing and actually getting the visa is another ball game all together. It is important to know that you might not immigrate to US despite winning DV lottery.

In this article, we offer the step-by-step guide for Green Card winners from the first notification to actual travel.

Step 1: Fill visa form DS260

This is a very important step for green card winners. The DS 260 form is an online visa application form where you will input your details and those of your family.

Note that the information you put on the DS 260 form must reflect the initial information you put when you first entered the DV lottery draw.

Information required includes, education level and or work experience, marital status, and the number of children. Conflicting information can lead to disqualification despite the fact that you won the green card.

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Frequent errors that green card winners make include; filling the names of your wife and children while you did not do that when entering the draw.

Majority of winners are denied visas due to inaccurate or poorly filled DS260 form.

filling the visa form, you will also be required to input the name and contacts of your host in America. This is where the actual greed card will be sent to. Without this information the form is incomplete.

Step2: Provide further information

The Kentucky consular office(KCC) will then send you an email requiring documents such as birth certificates, police clearing records, marriage certificate(from government), copy of passports, education certificates and any other important documentation.

Step3: Second Notification letter and Visa interview

KCC will again send you another notification with your visa appointment date in your country. It is essentially a visa interview date with the US embassy official.

After receiving this notification, you will then need to book and undergo a medical test.

The medical test is required during the visa interview. Important to note that the medical examination is done in specific health centers as advised by the US embassy in your country.

During the interview, you will be required to proof your education level, marital status and the children accompanying you.

All members of your family must have a passport as this will also be required. The visa interview is a very important step as it determines whether you immigrate to the US or not.

Failure to provide enough information to satisfy the embassy official might lead to visa denial. So, be prepared. You might also be asked to provide further information if need be.

Step4: Visa granted/flight

If you fail to get a visa, that would be the end of your journey to immigrate to the US as a green card winner at that moment.

But you can always try your luck in future. On the other hand, if you get the visa you can now start preparing to move to the US.

You will get a 6 months visa. This means that you have 6 months to leave your country and travel to the US.

If this period expires and you have not travelled to the US, that means you are not interested and the visa would have expired as well.

Step 5: In the USA

You will receive the actual green card and social security number which allows you to work in America. Typically you will receive these documents within a month.

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