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Germany woos foreign workers with Opportunity Card dubbed Chansenkarte


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Starting June 2024, foreign nationals will have the opportunity to travel to Germany and stay for at least a year looking for jobs, thanks to a new card.

The Opportunity Card or Chansenkarte as it is being called, is expected to help Germany to fill its skilled labour shortage that could be hovering around 244,000 according to  MINT Spring Report 2024.

Application for the Chansenkarte is made at foreign embassies abroad or in Germany.

You will be eligible for the Opportunity Card if you have a foreign professional or academic qualification that is fully recognized in Germany, or if you obtained your university degree or professional qualification in Germany.

In a nutshell

Eligibility for the card would require meeting at least three of these criteria:

  1. Possession of a university degree, vocational training, or professional qualification from a recognized institution. If the degree is from a foreign institution, it will need to be converted to the German equivalent.
  2. A minimum of three years of professional experience related to the job applied for.
  3. Language proficiency or prior residency in Germany to demonstrate familiarity with the German language and work culture.

It is a point based programme where candidates score points for education, language proficiency and experience.

Points distribution

  • 4 points are to be awarded if someone has a certain professional qualification.
  • 3 points are to be given if someone has at least three years of relevant professional experience.
  • 2 points should be given if someone has a command of German at level B2.
  • 1 point should be given if someone has a command of German at level B1
  • 1 point shall be given to those who have a sponsor / consultant in Germany who helps in finding a job.
  • 1 point shall be given to those who have already lived legally in Germany for at least six months in the previous five years.

Once a person finds a suitable job, it is possible to extend stay.

Chansenkarte provides an easy avenue for non EU residents to immigrate to Germany without needing a work visa as it were previously.

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