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The importance of fleet and fuel management


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A vehicle’s safe and efficient use is directly related to how it is utilised by the driver, making a bespoke fleet and driver management app critical for the running of fleets in today’s environment.

Ctrack’s fleet management systems comprise well-developed hardware and software solutions that have been refined over 35 years of continuous research and development.

Improving the driver behaviour of your employees can benefit your business through better kilometres per litre, lower fuel bills, enhanced driver safety and reduced accident rates, as well as less fleet admin and vehicle maintenance costs.

“Ctrack is able to equip customers with the tools to easily and efficiently monitor a variety of factors that have a direct impact on fuel consumption,” says Hein Jordt, Chief Executive Officer of Ctrack.

Ctrack allows for real-time monitoring of vehicles from any device with an internet connection, while the Crystal fleet management platform offers a powerful user experience that ensures an effective way for fleet managers to keep an eye on the daily movement of assets.

Keeping an eye on drivers and vehicles in real-time allows fleet managers to react with appropriate measures immediately.

Ctrack offers a variety of camera systems that can monitor all areas of a vehicle, including the road ahead, the driver, the cabin and the load area.

Overlaid with data harvested from the vehicle CAN bus system, as well as accurate tracking data, ensures a clear picture of how the vehicle is being used every second of the day.

Ctrack can, through its non-intrusive CAN touch sensor, connect to the CAN Bus and read the vehicle’s CAN information.

This gives access to real-time data, including speed, odometer, engine speed, fuel level, fuel consumption, engine load, throttle position and engine temperature.

“Many of these parameters directly affect fuel consumption, and the monitoring thereof is extremely valuable for driver training and evaluation,” adds Jordt.

Excessive speed

One of the most significant contributors to inflated fuel usage is excessive speed. Ctrack is able to monitor speed in various ways and is also able to implement speed limiters that can prevent drivers from speeding entirely or limiting speed according to pre-determined Geo Zones.

Adopting a smooth driving technique is the most economical way to drive, as is maintaining a constant speed on the open road and sticking to the speed limit.

Through effective data harvesting, monitoring, and reporting, drivers can be coached on various fuel-saving factors, such as avoiding speeding up between intersections, excessively revving a vehicle or unnecessary vehicle idling.

The Crystal mobile app gives managers, and drivers enhanced control of their daily activities via a single application that offers a myriad of functionality and allows for safe navigation and effective time management.

One of the best ways to save fuel is to drive less, which can be done by better route planning.

While the time of day a vehicle travels might be unavoidable in many cases, planning routes to avoid rush hour will mean spending less time in traffic, shorter travelling time and less fuel used.

The Crystal mobile app includes a built-in navigation system that will ensure that vehicles always travel on the optimal route while incorporating multiple stops in the most efficient manner.

Optimal route planning is possible thanks to the use of historical route data and constant adaption according to traffic data.

Pre-trip inspection

The Crystal mobile app also facilitates a daily pre-trip inspection, assisting companies to stay ahead of vehicle maintenance. For example, underinflated tyres are a massive contributor to unnecessary fuel consumption.

Tyres should be checked regularly and inflated according to the manufacturer’s specifications for the load being carried.

Fleet managers can support positive driving behaviour by monitoring driver skills, driver training and scoring models that result in a reduction of CPK cost.

The driver app gives fleet managers enhanced communication with drivers through two-way messaging, job listing, navigation, as well as post-trip coaching, which can be shared with drivers to encourage efficient driving.

The app also allows drivers to manage themselves and see their own scores. Drivers who continually achieve good scores can be rewarded, and as such, a culture of good, efficient driving is fostered.

Vehicle maintenance can also have a substantial effect on fuel consumption. Crystal’s improved asset control allows fleet managers to stay ahead of licensing, routine servicing, maintenance schedules, and vehicle usage, allowing for strategic planning around these needs to minimise downtime.

“Fleet management used to be a nice to have, but in today’s day and age, given the rising crime levels and ongoing fuel price increases, it is a critical tool for the effective running of fleets,” concludes Jordt.

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