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Top 10 most expensive cities in the world


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If you are an expat or a digital nomad seeking opportunities abroad, understanding the cost of living of the city you intend to stay is a crucial first step. In this article we look at the top ten most expensive cities in the world.

San Francisco, United States

San Francisco has the highest monthly cost of living ($6,118 for an individual, $8,836 for a family of 4); Singapore and London followed with the next highest costs, according to analysis by Greenback. Currently, the overall median rent in the city stands at $2,636.

Singapore, Singapore

Monthly cost for an individual in Singapore has been estimated to hover around $5,554 while a family of four would need $8,414 to leave comfortably. Singapore has the world’s highest transport prices, owing to strict government controls on car numbers. It is also amongst the most expensive for clothing, groceries and alcohol.


London, United Kingdom

If you are an individual in London, you would need $5,422 on a monthly basis to live in the city. With a family of four having $8,230 monthly is a prerequisite. Housing, transportation, and daily expenses can be significantly more expensive compared to other cities. Rent prices, in particular, are known to be exceptionally high, making accommodation a significant expense for residents.

Boston, United States

You need $5,304 per month to live comfortably in Boston if you are an individual and
$8,011 if you are a family of four. Boston is so expensive because the demand for housing is much greater than the supply. The high demand is the result of all of the universities, hospitals and industry in Boston. The supply is limited and that is what drives the prices up.


Zurich, Switzerland

In Zurich you will require $5,210 to live comfortably as a single person. If you are a family of four then you will need around $8,792. Zurich’s exorbitant cost of living can be attributed to several factors. The city’s robust economy, high wages, and strong Swiss Franc play a significant role. Additionally, Zurich’s stringent zoning laws and environmental regulations contribute to high real estate prices.


Miami, United States

If you intend to live in Miami be sure to have $5,112 as monthly income. As a family of four you need around $7,831 monthly. The cost of living in Miami is driven by factors besides housing. Data from shows that prices in Miami increased nearly 3% from a year ago, with the biggest price increases occurring in transportation and food, in addition to housing.


New York City, United States

New York city is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. You will need $4,972 as an individual to live in the city and $7,853 if you are a family of four. Key factors that make the city expensive include the high demand for housing, high taxes, high transportation costs, and the city’s status as a global economic and cultural hub.
Hong Kong, China

If you aspire to live in Hong Kong be ready with $4,739 monthly if you are a single person or $6,935 if you are a family of four. The high cost of living in Hong Kong is the result of several factors, including its limited land supply, high population density, strong demand for housing, and the city’s position as a major financial and business hub.

Washington DC, United States

In Washington DC $4,585 could sustain you for a month while $7,084 could sustain a family of four. The high cost of living in Washington could stem from the fact that the city serves as the political and administrative center of the United States, attracting a large number of government officials, diplomats, and lobbyists who often have higher incomes and are willing to pay a premium for housing and other services.
Sydney, Australia
Sydney closes the top ten list of the most expensive cities in the world. At $4,225 for an individual and $6,664 for a family of four, Sydney is also among the most costly cities to live.  If you intend to stay in Sydney be prepared to pay highly for housing, transportation, groceries and entertainment.
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