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Countries you can teach English in Africa without a degree


Are you looking to kickstart your next long-term travel adventure but unsure where the funds are going to be coming from? Teaching English could be your answer!

Teaching English abroad has become an ever-growing career path for nomads and travellers looking to earn while on the road, with schools, universities, and private employers offering the opportunity to earn, explore, and enrich both their own lives and the lives of their students!

While Southeast Asia has historically been the hub for these teachers, Africa is fast-growing as a popular destination thanks to the growing effects of globalization and the expansion of business opportunities in the region.

The best part? You don’t even need a degree to get going in most countries! Join us today as we trek from Casablanca to Cape Town, unearthing the best countries to teach English in Africa for those without a degree.


First up on our list of the best countries is Kenya. Already one of the most popular destinations on the continent for tourists and nomads, Kenya’s safari offerings put it firmly in ‘bucket list material’.

It is one of the places on the planet where hippos, giraffes, and lions are all able to be seen! Nairobi is one of Africa’s most vibrant capital cities, and there is an abundance of opportunities to sample all of its splendour by teaching English.

Volunteering with a company such as Love Volunteers is a great place to start. It allows you to give something back to the local community while you take in all of its stunning surroundings.

South Africa

With its abundance of national parks, stunning wildlife, and vibrancy in cultures, South Africa has always been one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations.

And now there’s every opportunity for nomads to fully immerse themselves in long-term travel across the country by teaching English in the Rainbow Nation.

Language classes are most prevalent in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban, with the biggest demand coming from mostly adult learners looking to improve their business English skills.

To get a teaching job in South Africa, you will want to look at these TEFL certifications from a reputable course provider such as The TEFL Academy.


Since 2008, English has become the medium of instruction at all school levels across Rwanda, making Rwanda one of the most popular destinations for English teachers looking to teach in Africa.

There is still a demand for teachers across all levels in Rwanda, undoubtedly one of the most energetic and resilient countries on the continent.

A shining demonstration of hope, progress, and reconciliation, Rwanda has certainly experienced its fair share of horrifying acts over its history, which makes teaching in the country one of the most humbling and worthwhile experiences available.

By teaching in Rwanda, nomads will be able to give something back and open their eyes to how a society can thrive even when faced with daunting challenges.


For volunteering opportunities across Africa, Malawi is home to some of the most deserving and fulfilling.

While teaching English in the country, nomads can work with local communities in places such as orphanages, allowing them to make a real difference to the people they encounter across this warm and friendly country.

Renowned as one of the world’s oldest tea-growing regions, Malawi’s rugged landscapes, freshwater lakes, and stunning array of wildlife mean there’s always something to explore when travellers aren’t in the classroom.


Morocco is one of the world’s great crossroads, having bridged European, African, Asian, and even American cultures for thousands of years. A hub for commerce and trading, it has always been one of the most popular and in-demand destinations for English teachers abroad.

Even if nomads don’t speak Arabic, or French, or even have a degree, there are still ample opportunities to find employment either on a paid or volunteer basis.

Morocco’s four imperial cities, Meknes, Marrakech, Agadir, and Oujda, host the most opportunities and all capture the blend of history, fun, and friendliness the country has become renowned for over the years.

Africa Is Waiting for You

Teaching jobs in Africa naturally don’t usually come with the lucrative salaries of other countries around the world.

When it comes to teaching English in Africa, it is all about immersing yourself in other countries, giving something back to communities who both need and deserve it, and experiencing a real and authentic culture away from the tourist traps of most safari tours.

Whether you have a degree or not, most African countries and employers place emphasis on a nomad having the right attitude above all.

And while we’ve listed five of our favourite destinations in this article, make no mistake that there are ample opportunities to teach English across the entire continent.

What’s more, if you can’t find a way of getting your boots on the ground, there are plenty of opportunities to get in front of African students through online teaching!

This once again can be done on a contracted or voluntary basis and goes a long way in setting up these students with more skills and opportunities in their lives.

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