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Magna boosts fleet management with tyre pressure monitoring system


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Magna Tyres has announced the launch of Magna TPMS which it says is a revolutionary tyre pressure monitoring system, “able to extract the most out of your fleet, no matter the size.”

With Magna TPMS, the fleet manager is in control at all times. Receive notifications on your smartphone or smartwatch and set parameters and generate automated reports on the dedicated portal.

Magna TPMS doesn’t just prevent unnecessary risks from happening, it allows you to streamline operations and reduce operating costs significantly. Monitor tyre pressures, fuel consumption, average speed and carried loads per haul per vehicle or per fleet, all from one dashboard.

The collected data provides insights to manage your operations to a more cost-effective business, reducing on fuel costs and elongating tyre life.

Revolutionary Through Simplicity

Magna TPMS was designed to be as ‘plug & play’ and universal as possible, allowing it to be installed in a large variety of vehicles in under an hour. This reduces the downtime for installing significantly. The means of installing is what the true genius of Magna TPMS is.

There is no need to remove the tyre or take the vehicle out of service to install Magna TPMS. The Magna Gateway is installed in the CAN-Bus port of the vehicle, and the sensors screw on the valves of the tyres. It’s that simple.

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