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Africa Global Logistics deepens presence in Kenya with Naivasha SEZ


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AGL, a prominent player in Africa’s transport and logistics sector, has recently been allocated 20 acres of land at the Naivasha Special Economic Zone (SEZ) by the Government of Kenya.

In an event presided over by the President of Kenya, H.E William Ruto, saw the issuance of Special Economic Zone licenses to AGL and other investors.

This strategic initiative by the government emphasizes the crucial role that Special Economic Zones play in catalysing industrialisation and fostering the development of domestic supply chains.

The move is geared towards promoting and facilitating international trade by simplifying customs procedures and encouraging seamless Intra – Africa Trade.

Africa Global Logistics Kenya expressed gratitude for the government’s allocation, noting the positive impact it would have on their operations.

This allocation at the Naivasha special economic zone is certainly in line with our commitment to providing best-in-class logistics services. This will increase efficiency and aid in the growth of Kenya’s logistics sector

The government’s decision to allocate land to AGL at the Naivasha SEZ is a significant step forward for Kenya’s logistics industry.

The Naivasha SEZ provides first-world infrastructure and bureaucratic and administrative efficiency at globally competitive prices and more so for the fact that it is geo-strategically located.

Its value proposition includes modern transport infrastructure that connects landlocked Eastern African countries via rail or road.

As AGL prepares to capitalize on this opportunity as it is in line with the organizations growth and expansion strategy, it further reflects a broader trend of collaboration between governments and the private sector to boost economic growth through strategic investments in logistics and trade.

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