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Frotcom Botswana advocates for effective problem-solving in fleet management


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Frotcom Botswana organized its annual convention entitled “Embracing Innovation and Sustainable Technological Advancement for Effective Problem-solving in Fleet Management”, allowing participants to discuss ideas and perspectives on sustainable technological progress for effective problem-solving in fleet management.

The digital revolution is underway, transforming economies and driving innovation in all economic sectors. With the help of technology, companies are increasingly mastering information and, with access to accurate data, can solve daily problems with long-term benefits: increased efficiency, enhanced productivity, smooth operations, and cost management across all sectors.

With this in consideration, from October 25 to 27, 2023, Frotcom Botswana organized the convention at the Phakalane Golf Estate Hotel Resort in Gaborone, promoting the exchange of ideas on the subject among attendees from the transport industry.

The convention was a valuable opportunity to promote dialogue on how to solve problems that affect the entire value chain. It also provided a forum facilitated by experienced fleet, transportation, and logistics training specialists. Participants could exchange experiences, best practices, and ideas about current trends and emerging issues associated with planning, strategies, and execution.

Moreover, the event included various activities, such as training, presentations, roundtable panel discussions, and group exercises. All these activities strengthened ties among all those present and certainly fueled the development of new ways of solving problems in fleet management.

Lindiwe Masuku, Frotcom Botswana’s CEO, said: “What truly set this event apart were the various activities we organized, including training sessions, presentations, roundtable discussions, and group exercises.

These activities not only fostered knowledge sharing but also strengthened the bonds among participants. I saw firsthand how these interactions fueled the development of new problem-solving approaches in fleet management.

Our convention was more than just an event; it was a collaborative effort to shape the future of fleet management in Botswana. I commend our team for their dedication and the attendees for their active participation. Together, we are driving positive change in the industry”.

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