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Buffalo Couriers opens robotic parcel centre


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Buffalo Couriers has started operating what it believes to be the country’s first fully robotic parcel sortation system at its 35,000 sqm facility in Johannesburg.

The system the South African e-commerce and logistics services company installed at its multi-client facility includes 90 autonomous mobile robots (AMR) from LiBiao Robotics’ Mini Yellow range.

LiBiao says it expects Buffalo to see a return on its investment within 18 months due to improved picking accuracy and advances in parcel throughput.

One advantage of the new system is that the robots continue to perform their tasks during any brief interruption in the power supply, a common problem in some parts of Africa.

The new system was installed in less than a week, with no significant alterations to the infrastructure of the company’s existing building.

LiBiao says Buffalo has calculated that its warehouse personnel are now productive for around 95% of their time, compared to 25% before the new sortation system was installed.

Buffalo warehouse manager Catherine van Zyl says: “With our local delivery service covering city centres as well as remote parts of the country, we face a range of different logistics challenges every day within our business.

“But by investing in advanced technology and equipment, such as our new LiBiao Robotics robot-based parcel sortation system implemented by Black Rhino, we ensure the shortest fulfilment times as well as providing maximum protection and safety for our clients’ packages as they pass through the supply chain.”

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