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MOL Logistics unveils State-of-the-art warehouse Nairobi, Kenya


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In recent years, Kenya has witnessed significant growth in its industrial sector, fueled by rapid economic development and increased international trade.

As the demand for efficient storage and distribution solutions escalates, warehousing in Kenya has evolved to accommodate modern standards and cutting-edge technologies.

Our Kenya – Nairobi branch recently opened a 17,400 Sqft (1616 SQM) warehouse in Nairobi, next to the Inland Container Depot (ICD). Being in close proximity to the depot ensures quick and smooth movement of goods between the warehouse and transportation hubs, reducing transit times and costs. MOL Logistics Nairobi offers the latest warehousing and fulfillment services from this strategic location.

Hygienic and safe

Our storage facility has an epoxy floor, suitable for the storage of food, pharmaceuticals as well as sensitive products. The epoxy floor offers enhanced protection against damage and extends the longevity of the warehouse infrastructure. Moreover, it provides a smooth and seamless surface, allowing forklifts and other equipment to maneuver with ease, enhancing overall operational efficiency. The continuity of secure warehousing is ensured with 24hrs CCTV and internet and power backup systems

Warehouse management system

Our warehouse management system contents Tier 3 checks, ensuring the accuracy of inventory data and minimize errors during various stages of handling products. The use of our technology enables tracking of products with the ability to manage inventory from receiving through putaway, storage, picking, packing, and shipping processes. This offers inventory visibility and improves the over-all operational efficiency. For our customers, obviously it provides a better stock control and real time message alerts on movement of goods

Operational efficiency

The combination of Tier 3 checks and inventory management features contributes to improved operational efficiency. By reducing manual errors and providing real-time data, the system streamlines warehouse operations and enhances productivity.


Our warehouse use energy-efficient lightning and climate control. Within our operation we use electric reach trucks with low noise and zero emissions.

MOL Logistics organization

MOL Logistics is a high value added, total logistics company. With over 130 offices, we provide end-to-end supply chain solutions to customers all over the world. Characteristic of MOL Logistics is the customer-oriented approach, for both large and small companies. Our worldwide network offers many advantages: individual offices with personal service and the efficiency and quality of a global organization.

MOL Logistics is part of the MOL Group and affiliated with Mitsui O.S.K. lines, a global shipping company. MOL manages a fleet of almost 800 vessels: from dry bulk to LNG tankers, from car carriers to ferries.

The MOL Group is characterized by an extensive agenda in the field of corporate social responsibility and innovative sustainability. We combine Japanese dedication with advanced expertise.

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