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Innovative technology solutions to mitigate the impact of rising fuel costs


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High quality tyre products and innovative digital solutions combine to support fleets manage the impact of fuel costs on their operations

Johannesburg, South Africa, 21 September 2023 – According to the latest mid-month fuel price data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF), South Africans should brace for another substantial increase in fuel prices in October, with petrol expected to rise by up to R1.22 a litre, while the increase in diesel prices is set hit R2.03 per litre.

According to Brandon Meyer, Director of Commercial Business at Goodyear South Africa: “Fuel and tyres are amongst the biggest cost factors for trucking and logistics companies, and there is a direct correlation between the condition of truck tyres and fuel efficiency.

“But conducting a tyre check on a 26-wheeler truck and trailer is a time-consuming exercise. Digital solutions, such as Goodyear’s TireOptix solution, can support logistics companies save time and money, as they offer the ability to get real-time updates on the condition of each tyre on all the vehicles in a fleet,” says Meyer.

Underinflated tyres, for instance, increases rolling resistance, which can increase fuel consumption by up to 20%. This will mean that the engine on a truck running on underinflated tyres will have to work harder and use more fuel for its journey to overcome the extra friction with the road caused by the underinflated tyres.

The correct tyre pressure for a truck can be determined based on the load per axle. Checking regularly that all the tyres are properly inflated can help to reduce running costs.

Adopting a regular tyre maintenance regimen is important for ensuring maximum fuel efficiency. Inspecting the tyre treads and side walls can help you spot signs of wear, as well as imbedded objects, that cause a loss of pressure.

Such maintenance can prolong the lifespan of the tyres, and improve the tyre’s cost per kilometre (CPK) and the return on investment (ROI) of the vehicle. This is especially important for  transporters as tyres make up a significant portion of running costs.

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