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Acrow implements innovative mobile racking system for a Lusaka cold storage facility


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Acrow, a renowned provider of storage and material handling solutions, is set to revolutionize the operations at a Lusaka Cold Storage Facility in Zambia, boasting an installation that utilizes cutting-edge mobile racking system, Acrow aims to optimize storage capacity and enhance efficiency for this prominent cold room facility.

The project entails the construction of a mobile racking system with 3000 pallet positions, complemented by an additional 2000 pallet positions of standard pallet racking with the end goal being to move these to a mobile racking system as well. This innovative solution promises to elevate the cold storage industry to new heights.

The implementation of such a mobile racking system signifies a significant advancement for the Lusaka Cold Storage. The 10-meter high mobile racking system is meticulously designed to maximize the available space by utilizing vertical storage capacity efficiently.

Highlighting Acrow’s care in durability as well as reliability when it comes to their storage solutions, each bay of their mobile racking system has been designed and manufactured so that it is capable of supporting up to 3 tons of weight per level, providing a secure and sturdy platform for palletized goods.

The mobile racking system itself is rated at an impressive 18 tons per bay, ensuring the safe and efficient storage of heavy loads. This robust design guarantees the longevity and resilience required for the demanding cold storage environment.

Arguably, one of the key advantages of the mobile racking system is its ability to enhance operational efficiency. The system is designed to allow for easy access to each pallet position, enabling swift and convenient retrieval of stored items. By eliminating the need for aisles between every row of racks, the mobile system significantly reduces the amount of space required for maneuvering, optimizing the cold room’s overall capacity.

Acrow understands the unique requirements of the cold storage industry, which is neither an easy nor a simple feat. The implementation of the mobile racking system in Lusaka not only demonstrates Acrow’s ability to provide customized solutions that address the specific challenges of preserving temperature-sensitive products, but also highlights their ability in meeting their Client’s specific requirements no matter where the location.

With careful planning and expertise, Acrow has tailored the storage system to meet the stringent standards of the cold storage industry while optimizing the facility’s storage density.

The partnership between Acrow and the Lusaka Cold Storage facility marks a significant milestone in the evolution of cold room storage capabilities. By implementing an innovative mobile racking system alongside traditional pallet racking, Acrow has revolutionized the storage capacity and accessibility for the facility.

The integration of robust design, strength, and tailored solutions underscores Acrow’s commitment to delivering efficient and innovative storage solutions across diverse industries. As Lusaka embraces this cutting-edge technology together with Acrow as their storage solution partners, it is set to achieve heightened operational efficiency, maximizing its storage capacity and overall productivity in the cold storage sector.

Sandra Moya, CEO of Acrow Storage Solutions, weighed in on the installation. “We have always been confident in our capabilities and expanding knowledge when it comes to the cold storage industry, and this project simply allows us to showcase our solutions to the greater African market.”

While many companies have played it safe, sticking to easier tasks that are far less challenging, Acrow has risen above, engineering solutions and paving partnerships that can only set them on the path to future success.

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