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BKT launches an exciting new season of Global Trends, completely dedicated to the OTR world


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BKT Network, BKT’s own Digital Platform, is proud to present the upcoming new season of its Global Trends format – this time, completely immersing viewers in the OTR world.

Global Trends OTR has been designed to be more than merely a source of information. It is an innovative and engaging experience that combines the latest technologies with the real-life experiences of industry experts. The season aims to provide a more comprehensive view of the OTR industry, offering an in-depth analysis of the most important topics in the sector and providing insights into the latest trends and developments.

Global Trends OTR is committed to using innovative technology to create a new, more engaging format that elevates users as ‘protagonists’ of the industry. The immersive nature of this format will place the user front and center of the episodes, aligning with BKT’s people-centric approach to business. As a brand, BKT embraces their global community, and Global Trends provides a valuable platform to inform and inspire their worldwide audience.

Subsequently, the latest season aims to make a ground-breaking impact on a global scale, with new initiatives that increase engagement, interactions, and strengthen the BKT community. Global Trends OTR strives to provide a captivating and informative experience for industry professionals, distributors, media & press, end users, and future generations alike.

The new season of Global Trends will be released monthly, from March 2023 to June 2023, and will consist of four episodes on some of the most pressing topics in the industry today: Sustainability and ESG, Technology, Automation and Robotics, Alternative Energies, and Net Zero and Low Carbon Emissions.

Each episode will feature two highly regarded industry experts, carefully selected for their experience, who will offer a detailed view of the OTR sector. Alongside them, every episode will welcome the participation of a BKT Expert, who will give insights on the episodes’ topics from the company’s point of view.

The first episode, dedicated to Sustainability and ESG, will feature Craig Guthrie, Editor-in-Chief of Mining Magazine, a publication which provides industry news, analysis, and insights for the global mining community. He will be joined by Robert Pell, Founder and CEO of Minviro, a company that provides sustainability and environmental services to the mining industry with the aim to reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability practices.

The second episode, which will cover Technology, Automation and Robotics, will feature the participation of Frik Els, Executive Editor of, an online news and analysis platform that provides up-to-date information and insights on the global mining industry. Users will also hear insights from Andrew Petruska, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, widely recognized as one of the top engineering schools in the United States: a leading institution in the fields of geology, mining, and energy.

The third episode, dedicated to Alternative Energies, will feature the participation of Paul Muller, Technical Sales Manager at Perkins Engines, a company that designs and manufactures engines for a variety of applications, including agricultural, construction, and industrial machinery.

BKT’s second guest for this episode is Jonathan Cohen, Director of Products Commercialization at AutoStem Technology, a company that develops and manufactures non-detonating rock-breaking explosives for the mining, quarrying, and civil engineering industries.

Finally, the fourth episode, focused on the topic of Net Zero and Low Carbon Emissions, will feature Thomas Koch Blank, Senior Principal of the Climate Aligned Industries programme at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), a program that focuses on identifying, developing, and scaling up innovative technologies that can help accelerate the transition to a clean energy future.

He will be joined by Alexander Allen, Director of Mining at Nth Cycle, an American technology company that is developing a sustainable solution for recycling metals from electronic waste (e-waste).

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable insights and keep ahead of the curve in the OTR world. Join BKT for the upcoming season of Global Trends on BKT Network. Engage with industry experts and gain a more comprehensive view of the OTR industry, including the latest, most exciting trends.

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