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The element of competition; the time!

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I can’t think of any company that doesn’t want a timely place in the market. I believe that all players in the industry are well aware that time is a factor of competition.

Time management is the most valuable asset of any company, but for many it is also the biggest enemy. I have yet to meet a customer who does not ask when the product or service will be delivered. Considering the value of time and its effective management, we concluded that a communication-oriented solution should be developed.

Every effort of logistics, maritime, aviation, transportation and freight forwarding professionals are focused on delivering quality, prioritizing customer satisfaction, improving the service network, minimizing costs, and meeting requirements in a timely manner.

This solution should be for players who know the value of time while improving their service network and minimizing their costs. We performed with the awareness that a communication platform focused on time, cost and efficiency can play an important role in business development.

The time cost is one of the most important personal values you can give to your customer. The faster, more timely, more complete and more accurate you are in meeting your customer’s needs, the more they will value your company and your brand.

Research has shown that the cost of acquiring a new customer is five times higher than the cost of retaining an old one. You should not forget that your partners, suppliers, internal departments, i.e. all stakeholders of your company are also your customers.

You are responsible for keeping them satisfied and making sure they are productive. This is only possible if you use the right communication tools and methods effectively. The world is very large, as you know, and you can’t send anything anywhere by yourself at any time.
Therefore, you need to find the right partners and make sure that these partners are available to you at all times. You should focus on feedback and information flow. The closer your relationships with your business partners are, the more securely you can put your future plans on a solid footing.

This can only be done with communication tools that save you time. To find the right partners, you need to manage your time well. This is where freighttalk.com comes
in, making meetings with industry representatives a part of your daily work. Plus, you can do it anytime from your office or in the safety of your home, which minimizes costs.

To connect with industry stakeholders, you’ll need to attend conferences, summits, trade shows and participate in networking activities. All of these activities involve a time commitment. To be successful you have to want to be found. You can’t grow your service network or ensure the survival of your business without meeting the right people. Sitting in your office waiting for your phone to ring and an email to come in to find a new opportunity is not a very smart approach.

“Freight Talk” is an online networking platform that allows you to hold live, in-person meetings, presentations and training sessions with “logistics”, “maritime”, “aviation”, “transportation” and “freight forwarding” professionals over the Internet. Thousands of industry professionals are online on Freight Talk at the same time 24/7, 365 days a year.

I encourage you to visit our website www.freighttalk.com to get a free seven-day trial and book your spot.

Mr. Kemal KIRIKKANAT, founder of freighttalk.com

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