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Kenyans will no longer be required to have visas to visit South Africa


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Beginning January  2023 Kenyan travelers will not need visas to visit South Africa, visiting president Cyril Ramaphosa has announced.

Holders of regular passports will however visit South for a period of 90 days in a year.

“We have discussed the issue of visas between South Africa and Kenya, with a view to allowing Kenyans to visit South Africa on a visa-free basis. This will officially start on January 1, 2023 and it will be available to Kenyans for a 90-day period per year,” he said.

Kenyans will now need an invitation and return ticket, as well as proof of vaccination for yellow fever and Covid-19; and proof of financial ability to stay in South Africa during the intended duration for tourists.

Previously, Kenyans had to file an application for a ‘free’ visa at an agent of the South African High Commission which charges an ‘application fee’ to handle the paperwork. The visa often comes out after four working days.

South Africans already get free visas on arrival in Kenya.

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