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AviAnalysis: Aviation Consulting Simplified


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[divider style=”solid” top=”25″ bottom=”25″][dropcap]T[/dropcap]he idea for AviAnalysis was born in January 2021, in the middle of the Covid-19 global pandemic, when personal contact and travel to other countries were extremely limited.

The need to continue to support airlines, airports, and civil aviation authorities with accurate and timely aviation consulting insights was greater than ever: airlines were losing money by the day, with aircraft immobilized and staff waiting out the pandemic at home.

The aviation industry was also prepared for digitization and change, many studies now show how this industry, severely impacted by the global crisis, lags others in digital transformation; only digitalization will take it to a post-pandemic ‘new normal’.

And so began the work of developing a platform that takes aviation consulting to a new level. For digitization to be effective, it must permeate every aspect of the aviation industry, including the customer experience through the B2B industry supply chain. With the introduction of its AviAnalysis platform, AviaPro Consulting removed the obstacles to obtaining aviation consulting insights, by making available, in a timely fashion, results from aircraft route and forecasted passenger demand analyses to aviation professionals worldwide.

As the first online platform in the world for accessing aviation consulting in a cost-effective manner, AviAnalysis is on a mission to make accessing aviation consulting an easier and faster proposition than it has ever been, while at the same time delivering the most timely and useful analysis results in the industry.

With its inaugural offering of Aircraft Performance Analysis, Aircraft Operating Economic Analysis and Passenger Demand Analysis, the brand’s innovative and simplified approach was recently commended by Nicolas Sarlenga, former Head of Route Development at Aeropuertos Argentina. “The overall buying experience is quick, good and reliable”.

The ability to use the platform by key decision makers and professionals at airlines, airports, lessors, and civil aviation authorities has been hailed as a refreshing alternative to the cumbersome and expensive consultant hiring process that is current in the industry.   The system offers the ability to select from a common set of operating assumptions and provide customized inputs for a tailored analysis with made-to-order results.

The Aircraft Performance Analysis provides aircraft takeoff, landing and enroute performance results for a selection of airliners from all leading aircraft manufacturers, on specific routes identified by their origin, destination, and diversion airport IATA codes. This analysis is ideal for assessing route mission requirements, such as payload capability, block times and block fuels.

The Aircraft Operating Economic Analysis provides aircraft direct operating cost results for a selection of airliners from all leading aircraft manufacturers. It is ideal for assessing an aircraft’s fixed and cash operating costs per trip on any given route, based on the aircraft mission performance, location specific airport and air navigation charge rates, aircraft specific direct maintenance cost rates and various user provided cost assumptions.

The Passenger Demand Analysis provides forecasted demand on new flights for a list of study markets and is ideal for assessing an operator’s potential traffic based on new capacity offered, a schedule of the specific departure and arrival times, airline partner assumptions and service index parameters following the introduction of the new service.

“AviAnalysis is a game changer for bringing useful aviation analysis to the consumer” comments Jorge Abando, Head of Industry Services at AviaPro Consulting. “We wanted to simplify and speed up the way consumers access aviation consulting to help them improve their ability to make decisions in running their aviation business”.   For more information on AviAnalysis, visit the AviaPro Consulting website at:

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