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Arise launches Shipping and Logistics to support Pan-African commodity growth


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As many African countries transition to develop indigenous industrial and agricultural production sectors, demand is growing for a dedicated shipping company to provide a full range of maritime and logistics services for the mining, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Arise Shipping and Logistics launched primarily to provide services that complement the operations of its parent company Arise Integrated Industrial Platforms (Arise IIP), but will also build its own portfolio of customers.

Arise IIP has grown from a single project in Gabon in 2010 to now delivering a wide range of industrial, infrastructure and port developments in seven countries across Africa including Gabon, Togo, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Congo, Rwanda and Chad. More recently the company launched shipping operations in Sierra Leone and Guinea Conakry.

Projects include the construction of ports, manufacturing plants, logistics facilities and associated infrastructure. The company has a vision to address Africa’s key challenges which include unemployment, rising income inequalities, climate change, limited industrialization and infrastructure financing.

“As many African countries develop their own processing and manufacturing capabilities to complement growing commodities exports, there is strong demand for a bespoke shipping and logistics company that understands Africa and its needs,” said Captain Pappu Sastry, CEO of Arise Shipping and Logistics.

“Our trusted partnerships with niche clientele enables us to execute large-scale and long-term projects that transform local value chains. Our customers will initially almost all be in the mining sector and we will provide a full range of shipping and logistics services to meet their needs. This could be anything from land-side infrastructure, ports or transhipment and shipping. The value addition will be the innovative off take or structural solutions that help junior mines grow and in turn help the local economies develop for long-term prosperity,” he added.

Arise Shipping and Logistics will build its fleet of vessels to include bulk carriers, tankers and specialized vessels while also providing a range of associated logistics services.

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