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6 ideas for unconventional team-building activities


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[divider style=”solid” top=”25″ bottom=”25″][dropcap]F[/dropcap]or a successful business, today is not enough to recruit experienced, competent employees and pay them on time. It is important to maintain a team spirit on a regular basis

Active, fun events with games and competitions, aimed at forming a team, preventing and man and building trusting relationships among colleagues, were called team building and are held by many large and medium-sized companies regularly. Such events are familiar to many and already bored with the usual form, so managers and HR – managers are looking for new cool team-building ideas.

Team Building Games

Games for consolidation – one of the most common options for team building, and they are held not only for fun but also to reveal in employees certain qualities, to teach them how to effectively interact with each other and to prevent and manage conflict in a company. There are many ideas for such games: from classic sports competitions with running in bags to complicated psychological games and creative contests. 

Interesting ideas for team building with games:

  • Intellectual games.
  • Themed games. 
  • Musical competitions. 


Social team building 

Many large companies do charity work, but some have gone even further and started involving their employees in volunteering. This allows not only to unite the team and increase the loyalty of their subordinates but also to demonstrate the high social responsibility of the business, significantly increasing its rating and visibility. 

Ideas for corporate team building with a social component can be very different, among them:

  • collective tree planting;
  • volunteering at a shelter for children or animals;
  • cooking and giving free meals to the elderly and low-income people.


Team-building ideas for the office

On a limited budget, team-building events can be held right at work. In addition, employees will feel more relaxed in their workplace, and the event itself will not require a lot of time and money to organize.

Here are some creative ideas for team-building activities in the office:

An evening of board games. You can play anything from classic mafia and dominoes to hockey or mini-football. 

Not sports. Who says you can only play sports in the gym or at the stadium? The office is also quite suitable for this. 

Detective Quest. A little decor, imagination, and an ordinary office can be turned into a great quest room. 

Indoor Team Building Ideas

Indoor events can be held all year round, regardless of the weather. If it’s hard to fit the entire team in the office, you can rent a location:

  • a banquet or conference room;
  • a spacious loft;
  • a cafe or restaurant;
  • ship. 

Ideas for indoor team building can be quite different, but most often it is a variety of creative, intellectual and psychological games that are easy to conduct in a limited space. 


Team-building ideas for outdoor events

The advantage of outdoor events is the ability to comfortably accommodate any number of people. In addition, it is easier to relax and loosen up in an informal setting. The location, depending on the size of the team may approach:

  • recreation facilities;
  • the shore of a reservoir;
  • a forest glade;
  • a large country complex or restaurant.


A cookout

Nothing brings people together like cooking and eating together. That’s why cooking workshops are very popular for team-building events. 

You can hold such an event in a cooking school, outdoors, or any other location. You can choose a specific theme, such as making ice cream, cocktails and dishes of a particular cuisine of the world, or arrange a large-scale competition in which each team cooks a full meal of appetizers, main course and dessert, and then the whole team holds a tasting at a standard table and selects the winners. 

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