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24 tons of fresh avocados from Kenya enters Guangzhou


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[divider style=”solid” top=”25″ bottom=”25″][dropcap]R[/dropcap]ecently, 24 tons of fresh avocados from Kenya, Africa, arrived at Guangzhou Nansha New Port on the “SPIL CAYA” ocean-going freighter. After passing the inspection and quarantine of Nansha Customs, subordinate to Guangzhou Customs, it was released smoothly.

This is the first batch of Kenyan fresh avocados to enter the Guangzhou port on a large scale since the General Administration of Customs issued an announcement in June this year to allow Kenyan fresh avocados that meet quarantine requirements to be exported to China.

It is reported that this batch of avocados has been successfully released on the day of arrival. “Compared with air transport, the characteristics of fruit import by sea are that the single transport volume is large and the freight rate is cheap. The Nansha port area has many foreign trade routes, a complete logistics infrastructure, and efficient port customs clearance, which all make Guangzhou’s imported fresh avocado market promising.

“Peng Yan, the importer of this batch of fresh avocados and the account manager of Shanghai Ouheng Import and Export said that the company plans to import about 120 tons of avocados in this year’s avocado season, and the import volume is expected to exceed 800 tons next year.

It is understood that Kenya is the sixth largest exporter of avocados in the world and the largest exporter of avocados on the African continent. Kenya’s avocado production season starts in mid-February every year and lasts until November, and its main season can just make up for the off-season in South American avocado exporting countries.

According to statistics, from January to September this year, more than 17,000 tons of oranges, citrus, grapefruit, grapes, apples, lemons and other fruits imported from Africa were released through the entry inspection and quarantine at Guangzhou Nansha Port.

Source: Guangzhou Daily

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