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Different Types of Transport Trucks in Australia


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[divider style=”solid” top=”25″ bottom=”25″][dropcap]A[/dropcap]mong the means of transport, trucks are the most versatile. They are huge and durable to carry and move heavy goods.  There are other side loader truck benefits that you should know, like being cost-efficient and having minimal downtime.

It also requires less manpower to load and unload the commodities.

Most freight services rely on various types of trucks to satisfy consumers across the globe. Well, this post will focus on trucks that are used for shipping goods, as fast as possible. This is to show that trucks had become a necessity in Australia and other parts of the world.

Types of Transport Trucks and Their Uses

Without further ado, take a look at the different types of trucks built for moving goods. Each one can guarantee to deliver any item in a good condition. Choose the ideal one according to your exact needs.

1.Car Carrier Truck

The first type of truck is designed for transporting vehicles toward the consumer. It is either a single or double-decker, depending on the number of cars it has to carry. This truck is suitable for long drives while keeping the vehicles in place.

It comes with ramps for easy loading and unloading. Car manufacturers also have an option to open or close the truck during transit. This would not compromise the vehicle’s safety.

Loaders do not exist on this kind of truck, however, it has enough power to hold cars even at long distances.

2.Flatbed Truck

Flatbed trucks are almost the same as car carriers, except for having no roof and sides. It is an open truck with a flat-level surface making it ideal for transporting bigger goods. The overall design of the truck also supports easy loading and is versatile.

One more thing about flatbed trucks is they are used for car exhibits. It can showcase the entire look of a certain vehicle to the audience without unloading it. Its load capacity is a minimum of 15 tons.

The drawback of using flatbed trucks is the high tendency of falling goods during transit. This is why manufacturers urge to only use flatbed trucks when transporting non-delicate items. It is ideal for goods that cannot be destroyed by rain due to its no roof design.

No worries, there are hooks to tie down goods. Make sure they are secured before driving to prevent dropping the goods along the road.

3.Dump Truck

This is the so-called production truck. It is common in construction sites to carry out gravel, sand, and other materials. For that reason, the truck can be reliable in holding heavier volumes.Different Types of Transport Trucks in Australia

It is built with a hydraulic open box, which is intended for easy unloading. The operator will be the one manipulating the box on the truck’s control panel. Being extra careful is crucial when driving a dump truck because of its high records of crashes.

4.Livestock Truck

Transporting animals is possible with a truck made for that purpose. Since parts of Australia are rich in livestock, a means of transport matters.

Such a type of vehicle is built with special equipment to feed the animals during transit. It also helps to secure livestock until it reaches its destination. The vehicle is also sturdy but unlike other heavy trucks.

The truck has an open top or back design to allow airflow. This will benefit the animals during long drives.

5.Panel Truck

This one is the smallest type of truck on the list. It is used to deliver various consumer products, such as food.  Panel trucks are popular in Australia where people shop online frequently. They are most suitable to carry small to large items.

6.Chiller Truck

Some goods require cool temperatures during transport to stay fresh. Well, this trailer consumes more fuel to maintain the desired temperature of the goods.

The common items being transported via a chiller truck are meat, veggies, and fish. With the new technologies, these trucks have added features to improve the cooling effect. It has formulated better insulation and ventilation to deliver a more efficient service.

7.Tanker Truck

A tanker truck is capable of bringing hazardous stuff to other places. These include gases and dangerous liquids that are prone to explosion. Hence, drivers must be extra careful to prevent collisions on the road that may trigger greater damage.

8.Multi-Wheeler Truck

Trucks with multiple wheels have an edge over small trailers in carrying heavy loads. They are ideal for freight services to transport cargo of any size.

It likewise demands an additional workforce to transport almost all kinds of goods. 18-wheeler trucks can hold even the biggest piece of machinery without causing any harm.

Its downside maybe is the limited road access due to its huge and heavy size.

9.Tow Truck

Parking rules are strictly followed in Australia making tow trucks useful. It works by moving an impounded vehicle out of the way. This sort of truck differs from a car trailer that only moves a vehicle and is not a basic transport.

Final Thoughts

Transport trucks come in different sizes and shapes to meet every need. The above list includes only a few of the various types of transport trucks that benefit many Aussies. Pick which one can guarantee safety for your goods, assuming the travel distance. Contact a reliable truck operator to secure the loading and unloading of products.

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