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First Graphene supports South African concrete and construction materials market


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[divider style=”solid” top=”25″ bottom=”25″][dropcap]F[/dropcap]irst Graphene Limited says it has signed a distribution agreement with the South African-based Nanoproof Glade Chemicals Joint Venture to expand the sales reach of PureGRAPH® graphene across multiple markets in South Africa with a particular focus on the concrete segment.

The distribution agreement has a 4-year term and includes a minimum commitment of five tonnes of PureGRAPH® AQUA and powder products within year one to maintain exclusivity for the South African ready-mix mortar and concrete market segment.

The estimated value of sales is AUD 250,000 to 285,000 in Year 1, which is to be reviewed and mutually agreed upon in the following years of the agreement. There are no other material terms of the agreement.

First Graphene previously signed a collaboration agreement with the Nanoproof Glade Chemicals Joint Venture for the development of PureGRAPH® enhanced concrete admixtures, which has resulted in successful product development of a range of products.

The new agreement is a further key step in First Graphene’s strategy to help the cement and concrete industries, which are responsible for up to 8 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions, to achieve a 25 per cent emissions reduction by 2030.

These emissions targets are driving global demand to develop greener solutions within the cement and concrete segments.

First Graphene has partnered with several tier one and two industry partners across multiple facets of the cement/concrete materials market to develop PureGRAPH® enhanced solutions that will help the sectors achieve greener outcomes.

By adding low dosages of PureGRAPH® enhanced concrete admixtures to the concrete mix design, significant increases in strength and durability properties can be achieved. Due to this increase in performance, the amount of cement used in the concrete mix can be reduced, thus decreasing the carbon footprint of the concrete produced.

Nanoproof and Glade Chemical Manufacturers, which both specialise in the development of high-performance solutions for the construction and related industries, formed the joint venture for the purposes of developing the enhanced admixture.

A range of PureGRAPH® enhanced concrete admixtures developed by the Nanoproof Glade Chemicals JV are now available for early-stage sampling and trials through the Nanoproof Glade JV for the South African market, and through First Graphene for markets outside South Africa.

The global cement and concrete market is predicted to be valued at US$774 billion by 2027, according to market research provider 360 Research Reports.

First Graphene Managing Director and CEO Michael Bell said: “The additional agreement with Nanoproof Glade Chemicals JV is a significant further step for First Graphene as we implement our go-to-market plan to become the world’s leading supplier of grapheneenhanced cement and concrete solutions.

Nanoproof Glade Chemicals JV was quick to develop a range of admixture solutions and with its significant penetration into multiple South African market segments, will help expand our reach into the market in that part of the world.

At the same time, First Graphene now has access to a range of admixture products that can help us pursue additional commercial opportunities in the high-value cement and concrete segments.”

Nanoproof Glade Chemical Manufacturers JV company owner Alex Smith said: “We are excited to enter into this new agreement with First Graphene, as a natural extension of our previous development agreement, to now pursue multiple commercial opportunities with our range of PureGRAPH® enhanced concrete admixtures.”

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