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Rangel invests R37M in South Africa expansion and Zambia opening


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[divider style=”solid” top=”25″ bottom=”25″][dropcap]R[/dropcap]angel Logistics Solutions, a global logistics partner with a presence in South Africa since February 2020, is investing €2.1M (±R37M) in the region to expand its South African operations and open an office in Zambia.

The company made the announcement at the official inauguration of its facilities in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

This additional investment reinforces Rangel’s commitment to the African market, which includes the acquisition of its own fleet, growth of the local team to create 100 jobs by 2023, expansion of the warehouse space in Johannesburg from 2500m² to 5500m², the opening of new facilities in Zambia and at the SA border with Namibia (Nakop) and Botswana (Zeerust) in 2022 and several geographies in South Africa, including Durban and Cape Town, by 2023.

“Our investment into South Africa has proven to be very positive for Rangel, surpassing our initial expectations in less than two years. This, coupled with South Africa’s strategic position on the African continent guaranteeing road connections throughout southern Africa, has led us to expand operations in order to meet the demands of our customers,” said Nuno Rangel, CEO of Rangel Logistics Solutions.

Addressing Rangel at its official opening, Manuel Carvalho, Ambassador of Portugal to South Africa, said: “In the middle of all the adversities in the past few years we celebrate a success story. That is something that needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. We have a saying in Portuguese, ‘When you have a storm, some people take shelter while others build windmills’.

Rangel is on the windmill building side, to harness the storm and make it blow in your favour. So congratulations to Rangel because it takes bravery to do that and to move forward with its footprint not only in South Africa but other countries on the African continent as well.”

Rangel entered the South African market in 2020 by investing in its Clearing Agent service and, after
opening the Johannesburg facilities, it opened offices along the main borders of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana: Komatipoort, Musina and Globlersburg in 2021.

“Despite only being in South Africa for a short time, we have seen great organic growth through high
demand from our customers for services in Africa. We have now decided to enter a new country,
Zambia, where we are the first Portuguese logistics operator in the market.

This will reinforce Rangel’s inland service on the continent as it creates connection points with the sea ports of South Africa, the main gateway in the region, and manages to offer cross-border transport with daily deliveries to all Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries,” adds Nuno Rangel.

Rangel already has a vast portfolio of clients in land transport and customs activity in Africa, being accredited as a Clearing Agent and ensuring connections with Southern Africa and East Africa. In the next two years it plans to continue with its expansion plan, with new openings on the African

continent and by strengthening its contract logistics services, as well as international sea and air transport. Rangel recently reinforced its strategy of becoming a global logistics player with its entry into South Africa and Mexico in 2020 – its first step towards internationalisation beyond the borders of the PALOP (Portuguese Speaking Countries).

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