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BluJay’s Customs Management software boosts user experience


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[divider style=”solid” top=”20″ bottom=”20″][dropcap]B[/dropcap]luJay Solutions, a leading provider of supply chain software and services, today announced the release and official certification of an on-demand, new, enhanced user experience for NCTS for its customs management software in Germany, Customs Management-ZABIS®.

BluJay has invested into upgrading Customs Management-ZABIS, which remains its flagship solution for German customs, in a way that is safe, reliable, compliant, and comfortable for users. The first wave of innovations have been the technical upgrade of the backend of the system, successfully completed and certified, and used for all instances of CM-ZABIS currently in production with a large community of customers.

This backbone can now be used by two user interfaces: the standard interface, which customers across Germany are using today (called version 9.3), and a new upgraded web UI (called version 20.0.0), available and certified for NCTS, which will drastically improve usability, comfort, and potential for automation, with no disruption to the daily life of the users. This new UI is also accessible from BluJay’s multi-country customs SaaS platform.

“With the UI upgrade, we’re taking CM-ZABIS into a whole new world of potential on automation and usability, and scaling up to the new requirements from German Customs, present and future (such as Atlas-Impost or Zelos). Our customers expect compliance, scalability, automation, visibility, and user empowerment. We’re doing so leveraging our successful CM-ZABIS solution, and automating our users’ customs knowledge, while they focus on the high-end and critical decisions.” said Nicolas Ethevenin, Director, Product Management at BluJay Solutions.

“This new UI is officially certified for NCTS on ATLAS 9.0, the electronic system used by the German Federal Customs Administration, and while its use is not mandatory, we’re confident our users will appreciate the upgrade. This is a non-disruptive event for IT and user experience, while a massive improvement; the backend having been upgraded earlier this year, master data and transactions (past, present, future) are stored in the same database, and can be accessed through the new UI or current with no distinction. The same goes for data interface and surrounding systems – all things stay equal. Our customers only have to get in touch with us to get their UI upgrades,” said Katrin Voigtmann, Director Professional Services for BluJay in Germany.

BluJay is also working on the enhanced user experience for the other German procedures, and will certify them as they obtain certification slots with German Customs. BluJay is developing a Zelos module, and is on the starting block to develop Atlas-Impost as soon as German customs and the EU release the final specifications.

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