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Easily Lift heavy containers on and off chassis


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BISON introduces the C-Lift line to Southern Africa, a portable container lifting solution that extends the benefit of container logistics to a new frontier, enabling heavy containers to be offloaded and collected without a crane or heavy handling equipment.

Specifically designed for organisations with a low and mid volume container throughput, BISON C-Lifts enable companies to safely lift loaded shipping containers on and off trailers in more locations – at a fraction of the cost of traditional container handling equipment.

Lift containers anywhere without crane

US company Tower Inspection inspects and services large towers at remote sites around the world. Access to cranes and handling equipment at these sites is difficult and expensive. With a C-Lift P32, Tower Inspection now has independence and control over its container logistics.

They can move containers in and out of project sites and position them without the expense and delays of crane hire. As Gary Lehman, President of Tower Inspection states: “We don’t have to rely on someone else to provide us with equipment.”

BISON has the C-Lift for your needs
Whether you need to operate in remote locations, increase operational independence, easily move containers around your site, or whether you need a cost-effective backup container lifting solution, there is BISON C-Lift for you.

Trusted around the world
Our customers chose BISON C-lifts to lower operating costs, avoid delays, improve safety, back up existing equipment, and to avoid transloading and extra cargo handling charges. Regardless of the operation and application, our customers value the independence and control a C-Lift gives them.

Constructed from high strength steel and first class materials, proof-tested to 150% of working load limit prior to delivery, you know a BISON C-Lift will perform for years to come. Ask David Heron of Rosenfeld Kidson in Auckland, New Zealand about A Series C-Lift: “It works perfectly”.

About Bison
Founded in New Zealand in 2014, BISON Group Limited supplies a unique range of container lifting and weighing solutions to the shipping and logistics industries. BISON’s hardware is now in use at organisations small, medium, and large in over 40 countries.

Notable customers
include government agencies, such as NASA, NATO and the US Air Force, as well as
multinationals such as BOC Gas, Kuehne + Nagel, Hellmann and DSV.


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