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Hactl goes greener with large-scale solar power installation


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Hong Kong’s largest independent cargo handler – has taken the next step in its “Green Terminal” project, with the installation of 1,300 sq m of solar panels on the roof of its SuperTerminal 1 facility in Hong Kong.

Hactl’s new solar power installation will feature 518 panels with the electricity generation capacity of 160 kWp ; this “renewable energy” will be fed into the power grid.

Says Hactl’s Chief Executive, Wilson Kwong: “This is a major step forward in Hactl’s “Green Terminal” project, and will make a significant contribution to our efforts to minimise our terminal’s environmental impact. We believe that Hactl has once again set an example for others to follow, both in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

“Given the size and nature of buildings in the world of air cargo and logistics, the scope for similar installations is enormous; and there is a strong economic argument as well as an environmental one.”

The system is being designed, installed and maintained by CLP Engineering Limited (CLPE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CLP Holdings Limited, that offers professional solar solutions. Alex Keisser, Managing Director of CLPE, says: “We are very pleased to work with Hactl on this project and our joint efforts aim at supporting the development of renewable energy in Hong Kong.”

A signing ceremony for the Solar Energy Service Agreement between CLPE and Hactl was held on 9 October at Hactl’s facility.


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