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Swiss logistics service provider Fracht Group enters Rwanda


Swiss freight forwarder Fracht Group has opened an office in Rwanda that will also act as its African headquarters.

The logistics company’s decision to set foot in Africa has been informed by stellar performance in other countries where it operates including The Americas, Australia,Asia and Europe.

“There have been similarities drawn between South America and Africa in terms of opportunities as well as challenges that have prompted the move to venture into Africa,” says Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the firm, Ruedie Reisdorf.

“Rwanda is a landlocked country with people that are hardworking, politically stable. These gave us reason to start our operations in Africa. This is why we have chosen Rwanda as our first place to develop the African continent,” he said.

Mr Reisdorf said that Fracht Group will be banking on huge infrastructure projects in Africa to thrive.

“We are witnessing huge infrastructure projects in Africa an indication that the continent in on the way to huge development. We are delighted to have found experienced staff to work with here in Kigali.”

The freight forwarder has already started operations in Burundi, Tanzania, DR Congo, Zambia and South Africa.

Fracht Group was founded in 1955 in Switzerland. Today the company has has over 1,250 employees in 34 countries with 93.

The company works to provide innovative, tailor-made logistics solutions to give customers quantifiable value added services through use of personnel and the latest information technology.

It boasts of a wealth of experience in its worldwide featured services including airfreight and sea freight.

Rwanda hopes that Fracht Group will bring quality services to the country and help its revenue authority deliver effectively and efficiently.


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