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Kenya National Shipping Line receives breath of life


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The Kenya National Shipping Line which formed in 1987 but stagnated after years of mismanagement has received a new breath of life thanks to a deal between the government and Mediterranean shipping company to help revive the company.

Capt Giovanni Cuomo the Mediterranean first Vice President represented the shipping firm while James Macharia , the Cabinet Secretary signed for the ministry.

Mediterranean shipping company (MSC) is the leading global container shipping companies in the world.

According to president Uhuru Kenyatta reviving the shipping line is appropriate since it will create employment for thousands of Kenyans. He also urged the relevant teams to work with commitment and speed so that the shipping line can be lounged soon.

The shipping line is expected to become an active participant in the international seaborne trade, which accounts for a significant percentage in the Kenyan total trade.

Plans of upgrading Bandari College into a centre of excellence for maritime studies is being considered to help boost capacity. There are visions of transforming Mombasa into a transhipment hub in the region.

Kenya is set to host the Global Sustainable Blue Economy Conference (SBEC) in Nairobi from November 26-28, 2018.

The conference will bring together over 4000 participants to discuss issues pertaining to a blue economy strategy that promotes People Centred Sustainable Investments in the Sector.

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