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How Green Logistics can be achieved


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Green logistic is the process of minimizing damage to the environment due to the logistic operations of an organisation.

Logistics involve transportation and resources intensive processes such as procurement, inventory management, warehousing, order fulfillment and distribution Processes such an overturn logistics and disposal logistics that concern reuse, recycling and waste disposal.

Applications of green logistics:

Minimising the emission and energy consumption of transportation. For example, a telecom company that moves to electric vehicle for field service.

Reuse such as the process of using again durable packaging in the supply chain.

Reducing waste to improve operational competence. An ecommerce company that fits each order into a reasonable size of box without wasted space.

Design for logistics
Designing things to be easier for transport. Furniture that requires minor assembly but fits into an efficient standards size box.

Reducing transport by doing things closer to the customer, for example, local starting place of parts.

Sourcing from environmental responsible partners and implementing control and audits to continually validate their environmental practices.

Reverse logistics
It is the reselling, refurbishing, manufacturing, reusing and recycling items that are returned by the customer.
Returns avoidance
Preventing returns with methods such as digital tools to make sure clothing fits the customer before shipping it.

Quality of life
Working to improve quality of life in the communities where you operate. Example, improving the safety of transport

Waste of food
The principle that business processes don’t release anything into the environment that couldn’t be safely consumed by an organism. For example, hydrogen powered vehicle that emits water as a waste product. Associated to the idea of a circular economy.

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