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CMA CGM boosts Middle East-East Africa service offering


French shipping line CMA CGM has announced that  it will upgrade its service offering connection for India and Middle East to East Africa in what officials say is “a continued effort to provide our customers with reliable and efficient service.”

Starting 17th August 2018, the group will offer a new product to East Africa whilst combining NOURA 1 and NOURA 2 former rotations.

Strengths of this new offer

  • One direct service serving 6 ports of call in East Africa range.
  • Revised port coverage as follows:Khor Fakkan, Jebel Ali, Mogadishu, Longoni, Beira (1/2), Port Victoria, Khor FakkanKhor Fakkan, Jebel Ali, Mogadishu, Longoni, Nacala (1/2), Port Victoria, Khor Fakkan
  • Zanzibar which was served previously on Noura 2 will be offered via a dedicated feeder service from Mombasa port via SWAX 2 loop.
  • This solution will improve Zanzibar transit time by 5 days and ensure reliability for delivery of import cargo whilst reducing operational constrains previously faced with large vessels.
  • Weekly improved service to Mogadishu, and regularity of service ensured to Beira and Nacala ports.
  • CMA CGM operated service with 5 vessels fleet in property up to 2,200 TEUS capacity
  • Competitive transit time to Mozambican destinations for import/ export cargo due to Zanzibar call transfer on a CMA dedicated feeder service
  • Extensive intermodal coverage to landlocked countries from Mozambican ports proposed by CMA CGM Group.
  • Worldwide interconnection from all origins in North and South Europe,USA, India Subcontinent and Middle East

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