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Annual conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME)


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Event:Annual conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME)

Date:11-14 September 2018

Venue:Mombasa Kenya

Theme: “Sustainable maritime, port and logistics industries in emerging economies: towards a path of Blue Growth”

With the organization of the IAME 2018 conference in Mombasa (Kenya), the Maritime Economists community, starting its 2nd quarter century, not only opens up for the African continent as a major vector of the future development of its sub-discipline within the broader field of transportation and logistics, but also towards the other areas of application that can now be considered and integral part of the maritime (or blue) economy.

In sum, the IAME 2018 conference intends to provide intellectual enriching interfaces on various levels:

  1. Between scholars from developed and emerging economies;
  2. Between scholars from multiple disciplines gathering around the concept of Sustainable Blue Growth;
  3. Between scholars, practitioners and policy makers in the field of Blue Growth.

Therefore, the conference welcomes contributions under the form of full papers, extended abstracts, and panel symposia, providing answers on, inter alia, the following questions:

  • The development of ports, shipping and logistics markets on the African continent, including both freight and cruise related markets
  • Exploring the concept of the Blue Economy and Blue Growth: definitions, scope, impacts
  • Is there a difference between the Blue and Maritime Economy?
  • Learning effects and knowledge spill-over from developed economies to developing economies (and vice versa), and between developing economies, in the context of Blue Growth
  • Maritime skills and education development in emerging economies, including the challenge of automation and technological developments in ports within environments of surplus labour and political pressures for job creation
  • How do the local African conditions in particular, and emerging economy characteristics in general, influence our existing conceptual frameworks within ports, shipping and maritime logistics research?
  • Big data, new ICT developments, and other technological advances in ports: how and under which conditions can both developed and emerging economies use it to their social, economic and environmental advantage?
  • Relevance, impacts and policy in the context of automation in the ports, shipping and logistics industry
  • Development of the cruise market in emerging economies
  • Responses to sustainability challenges in emerging economies for shipping, ports and logistics
  • Hinterland strategy development – towards landlocked countries – the role of port authorities and other supply chain stakeholders
  • Development and management of rail networks in developed countries and the challenges to make those contribute to port development
  • Operational management challenges for shipping, ports and logistics in emerging economies
  • The social role of ports in emerging economies
  • Port-city relations in emerging economies
  • Maritime and port security (piracy) in shipping and ports
  • Impact and role of the One Belt – One Road (OBOR) policy of the Chinese government on ports and maritime chain stakeholders
  • Ethics of trade and the role of port authorities / port stakeholders in supply chain ethical responsibility
  • Successful governance and reform of the port and maritime economy, with specific attention to the impacts of private sector participation in the maritime industry
  • The role and impact of trade associations in the maritime economy
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